Attending online Club Meetings using Zoom


With the government now banning all public gatherings of more than two people, it is impossible to hold a traditional club meeting, or even to "live stream" a small meeting from the Clubrooms.
What we can still do is hold a completely online gathering using teleconferencing software.
MGCC Vic has purchased a licence to use the Zoom software, which we will use to conduct these meetings.

Requirements to run Zoom

To simply watch the meeting, you need a device (PC, tablet, or smart phone) with an Internet connection and a speaker.
To be able to speak yourself, you will need a microphone, and preferably a webcam too. These are all built in to tablets and smart phones.
You do need to install the Zoom software onto your device. This will happen automatically the first time you join a Zoom meeting.

Installing Zoom

If you do not already have a Zoom account, you can create one for free by simply browsing to and clicking on the orange "Sign up for free" button. You will be asked to confirm your birth date. This is just to verify that you are over 16, so you don't need to be terribly specific!
When asked to enter "Your work email address", supply the address you want to use for Zoom. It does NOT have to be a work address.
Then click on the blue "Sign Up" button, and wait for an "activation" email from Zoom. It will be labelled "Please activate your Zoom account".
This email will contain a "Activate Account" button you can click, and a link you can optionally paste into your browser address bar if the button does not work.

Joining a Zoom meeting

Every Zoom meeting has a unique "Meeting ID" to identify it, and a "Password" to gain access.
Each time we have a meeting, a broadcast email will be sent to all members on the morning of the meeting.
This email will include a link containing both the ID and the password, so a few minutes before the meeting start time, simply click on the link to join the meeting.
The email will also specify the meeting ID and password, so if you wish to join the meeting using a different device to the one you receive emails on, you can simply run the Zoom program and enter them by hand.
You can either manually run the Zoom program, and select "Join meeting", or browse to the Zoom website ( ) and click the "Join meeting" button there.
Once you join a meeting, Zoom will usually ask permission to use your microphone and camera. How this looks will depend upon if you are using a PC, Apple device, or Android phone.

Asking permission to speak

To make a large meeting manageable, all audience members will have their microphones muted by the Meeting Convenor.
If you would like to speak, you need to click the "raise hand" icon, see below for instructions.
The meeting convenor will un-mute your microphone, and ask you to speak.
For this to work well, we need to know who you are, so you need to have a clear "display name" set in Zoom, so the convenor can identify you.

See below for "how-to's":
Windows PCAndroid PhoneiPad

How to Raise Hand on Windows PC

Move your mouse pointer to the bottom of the Zoom window,
and click on Participants.

A window listing meeting participants will appear on the right of your screen, with this toolbar at the bottom.

Click on the Raise hand button, and wait for the convener to ask you to speak. He will clear your "raised hand" when he does.
(You do not need to click the "Unmute Me" button. It does nothing when the convener has muted you.)

How to Raise hand on Android phone

From the Main window, tap the screen to reveal the menubar at the bottom, then tap Participants

then tap Raise hand

You can then swipe right to return to the main screen.

How to Raise hand on iPad

Tap the screen to reveal the menu bar at the top,
then tap on Participants.
Tap on the blue Raise Hand icon at bottom left of the Participants window.

How to set Display Name on Windows PC

(coming soon)

How to set Display Name on Android Phone

Before joining a meeting:
  • Start the Zoom app
  • Touch the "Settings" button at the bottom
  • Touch the right arrow on your account name
  • Touch the right arrow on your "Display name"
or, during a meeting
(coming soon)

How to set Display Name on iPad

Tap the screen to reveal the toolbar,
then Participants, then tap your own name.
  Tap on Rename.

Last updated:26-Sep-2020