Watching Club Meetings via the Live Stream


With the government now restricting indoor gatherings to less than 100 people, we need to encourage many members to watch Club Meetings via the Internet rather than attending in person. In particular, for the next few months, do NOT attend a club meeting if feeling unwell or if you have possibly been exposed to the virus. We may even have to conduct “closed” meetings, where only a minimum number of members are present to run the meeting, and everyone else watches it online.

What is the "Live Stream" ?

We now have a video camera permanently mounted in the auditorium ceiling.
This can zoom in on the presenter speaking at the podium, or zoom back to show most of the audience.
We are able to show either the camera view, or the image displayed on the large screen from the laptop PC, and jump between the two at will.
We also have an audio feed from the public address system.
This is all broadcast to a private group on the FaceBook website. The video stream is started before 8pm, so you have a chance to test it before the meeting starts, and runs continuously to the end of the meeting. Sorry, we can’t send a raffle prize over the link!

Watching live

Once connected to the stream, you can watch the meeting as it happens (almost live, it’s about 30-60 seconds behind real time.)
You can pause the video, and even jump back to watch a bit again. This is similar to a home PVR (Personal Video Recorder).

Watching later

Even after the meeting has finished, the entire video will remain online for several weeks for later viewing.
This is similar to watching videos on “YouTube”.

How do I access it?

To access the “Live Stream”, you will require a broadband Internet connection at home, or on a hand held “smart” device, and an account on FaceBook. Access is via a “private group” on Facebook, which makes it easy for us to restrict access to current club members, but also provides the “watch now or later” functionality.

Here is how to join the group. Please do this well before the meeting, NOT a few minutes before it starts!

Log in to FaceBook, then browse to

Click on the blue “Join group” button (outlined in red here).
Then, type your surname and membership number into the text box, then click Submit.

This facility does require you to have a FaceBook account. All you need is an email address to create one.
You will be prompted to create one when you browse to the FaceBook website.

 ( Last updated:26-Sep-2020 )