MGCC Club Competition - Filling out the new entry forms

(last updated 20-Dec-2013


Starting in 2014, we will be using a new layout for competition entry forms. This is to make it easier to fill out the form online.
The new forms are still supplied as Microsoft Word files, but setup so that only the form fields can be edited.
(Note: they are saved as ".doc" files, rather than ".docx", so you should be able to open them with any version of Word.)

The forms can still be printed, filled in by hand, and posted back, but can now be edited much more easily on your PC, for emailing back to us.


Previously the forms were supplied in a ZIP file, containing the Supplementary Regulations (as a PDF file), and two copies of the entry form.
The PDF entry form is for printing by members who want to fill it out by hand and mail in the form.
The Word copy (.DOC) is for editing on your PC, and emailing back to the club.
We will still supply these three files, but no longer inside a ZIP file, as some members had difficulty opening them.
There will now be three separate download links for each event, one for each of these files.

To do an online entry, first download the Supp Regs to your PC.

You may either:
  • download the Entry form to your PC, then open it from your hard drive,
    (use the "Save", or "Save As" option in Internet Explorer), or
  • you may open it directly from the link on the website, edit it in Word, then save the edited file to your hard drive.
    (Use the "Open" option in Internet Explorer)


Recent versions of Microsoft Word will probably give you a warning about editing a file downloaded from the Internet.

Just click the "Enable Editing" button so you can edit the file.
(See here or here for how to permanently disable that message)

Then just click in the "Competitor Name" field (or just press the TAB key), and a light blue rectangle will appear there, and you can start typing.
Once you have entered text in to a field, you can press TAB, or Down-arrow to move to the next field, or mouse clicks to move to any field.

Drop-down fields

The form contains a couple of "drop-down fields".
These are marked "click to select ►", and have a large down pointing arrow at the rightmost end of the field.
To see the full list, mouse-click anywhere on the field (or even on the ▼ symbol), or if you used a key press to enter the field, press Alt and down-arrow to see the list.
Note that the first item in the list is the default text shown before you select an item.
This will often be text to be circled by people printing the blank form, and filling it in by hand.
e.g. In the "Tyre declaration",  the first item is "Yes / No  (circle one)".
When you are filling out the form in Word, simply click on one of the following items ("Yes" or "No") as appropriate.

Signature fields

The places to be signed (by the "Competitor", "Driver", "Navigator" when appropriate, and "Parent / Guardian", can NOT be edited.
These must be physical signatures, so if you enter online you will need to sign and date the form during documentation check at the event.

Saving the file

Once you have completely filled out the form, you will need to save the file to your hard drive.
If you are editing a file you already saved, then just save the edited version and exit.
Otherwise, if you elected to edit the file directly from the website (using the "Open" option in Internet Explorer), then use Word's "File, Save As" command to select where to save the file on your hard drive.