MGCC document download
This is a collection of links to all the documents which can be downloaded from various pages on this website.
Name Date Size Description
AED information 14-May-2012 - Automated External Defibrillator (AED)  notes and procedures.
Constitution 19-Dec-2016 655 kB Club Constitution with 2016 amendments
comp-rules-2020Jan-2020137 kB2020 Club Competition rules
concours-manual-2019Nov-20193060kBConcours procedures and originality guide
Clubrooms use Sep-2018 306 kB Notes on using the MGCC clubrooms for register and group functions.
Clubrooms A/VMar-2016529 kBHow to operate the Audio/Visual facilities in the clubrooms.
Clubrooms cleanupMar-2016210 kBNotes on cleaning up after club meetings
Clubrooms raffle and supperApr-2016340 kBDetailed requirements for organising raffles and supper at clubnights 
Library CatalogNov-2016502 kBComplete catalog of all books in the club library
Member DisciplineNov-2016237 kBMember Discipline Procedures
Organisation ChartMar-201917 kBClub management organisation 
Mission StatementSep-201757 kBClub Mission, Vision and Values statement
Parking Plan Jun-2014 274 kB Diagram showing all the available parking spots around the Norcal Rd clubrooms.
Social Media Policy Jun-2014 50 kB Guidance for the appropriate use of social media platforms and tools by club members
Trophy Award CriteriaJun-20193320 kBCriteria for all awards and trophies. Includes past recipients.

MGCC forms
This is a collection of links to all the form which can be downloaded from various pages on this website.
Name Date Size Description
MGCC Vic new member application form Jan-2020 75 kB New member nomination form (Note, prospective members can apply online here)
Level 2 Licence Application/Renewal - - CAMS Level 2 Licence application/renewal forms (Motorsport Australia website)
Note: Renewals can be done online via the CAMS Portal
CH plate application Jan-2015 206 kB VICROADS Club Permit Scheme application form
MGCC Awards Nomination formMay-2018315 kBForm to be used when nominating a member for a club award
(Black Spinner, Life member, etc). Also see the "Trophy Award Criteria" document.
Injury and "Near Miss" report form [PDF]
Injury and "Near Miss" report form [Word]
Dec-201897 kB
435 kB
This form is to capture the details of any injury at an MGCCV event or
a near miss that could reasonably have resulted in an injury.

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