MGCC Club Competition - Past Champions [2016 on ] (last updated 10-Jan-2017)
(Names surrounded by parenthesis did not enter enough events to qualify for an award.)

First Second Third
Top tier of trophy
1960 Fritz Norden(TC)
1961 Fritz Norden(TC)
1962 Fritz Norden(TC)
1963 Lloyd Davies (A)
Ian Cruickshank (TD)
1964 Don Harris (A)
1965 Don Harris (A)
1966 Don Harris (A+B)
1967 Don Harris (B)
1968 Don Harris (B)
1969 Peter Beasley (Midget)
1970 Wal Magilton (PA)
1971 June Stratford (Midget)
1972 Ross McQueen (B)
Second tier of trophy
1973 Peter Tulloch (B)
1974 June Stratford (Midget)
1975 June Stratford (Midget)
1976 June Stratford (Midget)
1977 John Baragwanath (1300)
1978 Rick Hallgren (B)
1979 Rick Hallgren (B)
1980 John Sevior (B)
1981 Len Brind (Midget)
1982 Len Brind (Midget)
1983 Wal Magilton (Midget)
1984 Peter Bawden (Midget)
1985 John Makeham (B)
1986 Peter Beasley (Midget)
1987 Peter Beasley (Midget)
1988 Graeme Adams (B) = Matthew Magilton (1300)
1989 Graeme Adams (B)
1990 Peter Riseborough (B)
1991 Peter Riseborough (B) = Robin Bailey (B V8)
1992 Bruin Beasley (Midget Special)
1993 Mark Howell (Super B)
1994 Don Harris (Midget)
1995 John Smallman (BV8 Special)
1996 Don Harris
1997 Gavin McHugh (Midget) Vaughan Gibson Ian James
1998 Vaughan Gibson (Super B) Don Harris Graeme Adams
1999 John Makeham Stephen White Jon McGovern = John Hastie
2000 Graeme Adams (B) John Makeham Jon McGovern
2001 John Hastie (B) Graeme Adams Stephen White
2002 John Hastie (MGB Sp) = John McGovern (MGB Sp)  Vaughan Gibson (MGB Sp)
2003 Stephen White (MGF) Vaughan Gibson (MGB Sp) = Don Harris (Midget Sp)
2004 Ken Price (MGF) Shane White (MGB 2) Stephen White (MGF)
2005 Ken Price (MGF) Stephen White (MGF) Don Woods (MGB 2)
2006 Ken Price (MGF) Gavin McHugh (Midget Sp) Stephen White (MGF)
2007 Gavin McHugh (Midget Sp) Stephen White (MGF) Ken Price (MGF Sp)
2008 Gavin McHugh (Midget Sp) Stephen White (MGF) Adam Davidson (MGB Sp)
2009 Rod Wells (Midget SSp) Gavin McHugh (Midget Sp) Ken Price (MGB Sp)
Third tier of trophy
2010 Jon McGovern (TF 160) Don Woods (MGB 2) Glenn Renshaw (MGA)
2011 Jon McGovern (TF 160) Nathan Medhurst (Midget) Graeme Adams (Midget Sp)
2012 Graeme Ruby (MGBGTV8) Jon McGovern (TF 160) Don Woods (MGB 2)
2013 Graeme Ruby (MGBGTV8) Ric Collett (MGA Coupe) Graeme Adams (Midget Sp)
2014 Graeme Adams (Midget Sp) Jon McGovern (TF 160) Mike Ellsmore (MGA Coupe)
2015 Ric Collett (MGA Coupe) Graeme Adams (Midget Sp) Paul Slawinski (MGB 2)
2016 Jon McGovern (TF 160) Ric Collett (MGA Coupe) Don Woods (MGB)

Pre and Post War
First Second Third
2016 Doug Hastie Matthew Magilton (Barry Brickland)

  First Second Third
2016 Adrian Azzopardi Greg Mouritz Ian Clusker

Modified Classic 
  First Second Third
2016 Don Woods
Paul Slawinski Ric Collett

  First Second Third
2016 Jon McGovern Ken Price Ron Ghiggino

  First Second Third
2016 Rob Wilson Mike Ellsmore Andrew Church

  First Second Third
2016 Leonie Price Joanna Smith Narelle Poloso

  First Second Third
2016 Andrew Coon Stephanie Coon Jack Poloso

  First Second Third
2016 Ashley Hunter Connor Hogarth-Clarke (Daniel Waixel)

  First Second Third
2016 Bradley Mayze (Rod Wilson)

 Non Marque
  First Second Third
2016 Kim Cole Ian Powell Tony Vollebregt

Notes on each year
2016 Commencement of "New" classes.
Best 9 events for Outright (excl. Economy Run & Concours).Best 11 for Class.

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